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A sturdy buckle is a necessity for a durable belt. But why a roller buckle? They actually provide a couple crucial benefits...especially in a gun belt.

When using your belt for CCW use many people like to snug their belts up a bit tighter than they would if not carrying. The roller buckle makes this process easier both for tightening and un-tightening your belt. The friction is greatly reduced as the buckle "rolls" over the leather unlike a non-roller buckle that can bind and make snugging your belt much more difficult.

Brass Roller Buckle

Another benefit is the reduced wear on the belt. Again the roller buckle rolls over the leather and greatly reduces the wear from a non-roller buckle. This virtually eliminates friction wear around the area where your buckle hooks through the belt.

We highly recommend the roller buckles for these reason but you can easily swap out our buckles for one of your choosing. A sturdy belt deserves nothing less than the sturdiest of buckles!

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