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    About Us


    With over 75 years and 3 generations of continuous retail presence,

    Hank’s has maintained its commitment to its two important values:

    quality and service.

    Although these may seem tough for many retailers, it is what has been our past and will continue to be our future.

    As Hank often said “Talk is cheap” - we stand behind everything we sell.

    Warranty is just a word if it is not backed up.

    At Hank’s we are there for you.

    75 years is no small feat!!




    A young Hank reports to work for a newly opened Army & Navy store located in Binghamton, NY. Common at the time, A&N stores supplied the public with quality goods from surplus which was generated by the military.



    Mid 50’s

    Hank purchases the business and continues with military surplus but starts to add more clothing and sporting goods, making the business his own.



    Mid 60’s

    With the growth of the business and working 12-14 hour days, sights were set on expansion into a new facility. A new building and addition a year later gave room to expand his offerings.



    Early 70’s

    As retail changed, so did Hank’s. Expanded offerings included casual clothing and footwear, all while still maintaining their focus on quality USA Made work wear and leather goods.



    Mid 80-90’s

    A challenging time for retailers as the market is flooded with cheap imports from around the world. Although tempting as it may have been, Hank kept his eye and focus on quality and service. Products made in the USA meant a lot and was truly the cornerstone of the business.



    Early 2000’s

    Hank’s welcomes the new century with the expansion into another new location, specializing in workwear and footwear. A separate department is given to our USA Made belts and leather products, which have grown to be items of very high demand. Designed and specked in house, they were soon to become the future of the business.




    “Hank’s Belts” website makes its first debut. Starting out with our best colors, it has grown to offer numerous styles and colors. Focus is kept on the design and manufacturing of all belts made in the USA.




    Hank's Belts and Leather Goods moves into its new 30,000 square foot facility to accommodate the growing business. With this expansion, it provides the opportunity to expand our selection of leather products to now include wallets, dog collars and other accessories. Additional employees and customer service representatives were added.




    New customer service center opened to better accommodate the needs of our customers. Trained representatives can be reached easily by phone, chat or email for a quick response!