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    Hand Burnished Leather. What is it?

    • 1 min read

    At Hanks Belts, we focus a lot on the leather. We can make the best belts in the world but if we use inferior leather none of that matters.

    One of our premium belts, The Premier Double Leather Belt, we say we use Hand Burnished leather. Well, a lot of people may not know what it is but it makes the also makes it one of our higher priced belts. But boy is it gorgeous!

    With Hand Burnished leather the hides go through a final step called burnishing. The heat and friction in this process patinas the leather and brings the oils to the surface.

    This brings out all the characteristics of premium Full Grain leather. You can see all the grain and marks that set Full Grain Leather apart from the rest.

    Here is a video clip of the process in action:

    That may look easy but believe me, it is not! The leather craftsman doing this process has been doing it for over 20 years and is one of the best. Most people couldn't even hold onto the hide!

    It's steps like these that make for true heirloom quality belts that are built to last for decades and not just months. This is leather tanned to last and be something you are proud to wear and can pass on down to someone.

    You won't find belts made from these hides in any Big Box store. So head on over to and check out all the USA Made Full Grain Leather Belts!