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    What makes a belt a good Gun Belt?

    • 2 min read


    One common question we see a asked repeatedly is: "It looks like a regular belt. What makes it any different than a belt I buy in the department store for $25??" It's a great question and a real easy one to answer. Read on and see the difference.

    When looking for a good gun belt you want to make sure it is sturdy enough to support your firearm and any extra gear like extra magazines you may carry on it. Right off the bat, this puts virtually all big box store belts out of the running.

    Here is an example of a standard department store belt after less than a years of use carrying a firearm:

    First, they may start to do this. This is delamination and can occur pretty quickly

    The cracking at the holes. This is caused by cheaper processed leather, and this is what can really get you in trouble. The belt can actually break.

    The reason this happens is the leather used is usually marked as "Genuine" or "Bonded". This is almost always processed leather scraps. They take scrap pieces of leather and grind them up and process them into a leather product much like particle board is constructed. The resulting product is then usually laminated to plastic backs, and this is the result of that.

     A Hanks Gun belt comes from this:

    Full Grain Leather For Gun Belt

    That is a Full Grain USA Steerhide. No processed leather and no scraps. We slice a piece off and craft a belt. This results in super rugged, good looking, and ultra long lasting belts that will make you everyday carry feel more comfortable than you ever thought possible. Your firearm will stay secure and planted without sagging. Also holstering and unholstering your firearm will be fast, safe, and reliable.

    Belts made the way a Hanks Belt is made tend to stretch very little and will never break at the holes. Add to this all our belts are made right here in the USA...never imported. We also make many specialty belts like double layer ,Gun belts with steel core inserts for those that want the ultimate in carry strength, and Kydex core Gun Belts for strength without a large metal footprint.

    So in closing sometimes it is hard to see the quality and strength in a purpose built gun belt by looking at a picture. Once you open the package and pull it out though the difference is immediately clear. With a purpose built gun belt, you will never even know your firearm is there...until you need it!