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1 1/2" Brass Colored Roller Buckle.



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These quality roller buckles are a perfect replacement buckle for the Hanks 1 1/2" Amish CCW belts. They also make a great upgrade for your belts that may have a less sturdy buckle.

The Gold colored buckles are 100% Stainless Steel with a 100% Brass Plating.

The roller part of the buckle makes it easy to cinch your belt up tight. The leather rolls along with minimal friction as you pull to tighten.

When you need a solid, rugged, indestructible belt buckle these will do the trick.

  • Brass Colored Plating over Nickle
  • Super heavy duty...practically indestructible.
  • Roller buckle makes it easy to snug your belt as tight as you like.


Style Number RBBP


 1 1/2"


Brass Plated Steel

Overall Outside Dimensions

~2" Wide X 1 1/2" Tall

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1 1/2" Brass Colored Roller Buckle.

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