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1 1/4" Antique Nickel Buckle

T3465MAT 1.25


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When you want a little more refined looking buckle this one will do the job nicely.

The Antique Nickel finish looks great on all color belts but contrast especially nice on black belts.

This buckle is also a little lower profile for a little less bulk in the front of your belt

This buckle fits most all belts that are 1 1/4" wide.

  • 1 1/4" Wide
  • Single tongue
  • Antique Nickel Finish


Style Number T00ANT


 1 1/4"


Nickel Plated Solid Brass

Overall Outside Dimensions

~1 5/8" Wide X 1 3/4" Tall

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1 1/4" Antique Nickel Buckle

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