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    How to buy a Wallet that last and why a USA Made Hanks Wallet Will!

    • 2 min read

    Nothing takes more of a beating than a man's wallet. Stuffed in and out of your pocket, sat on all day, and subjected to abuse constantly. Does yours end up looking like this after only a couple of years? If so a Hanks Wallet may be a good fit for you. Below are some features to avoid for the longest life.

    Owrn out walletNylon Giving Way and Cracked ID Window in Imported Wallet

    No Nylon Linings

    Most imported department store wallets are Nylon lined. Though this makes things nice and pretty and feels good to the touch, that Nylon will rip and tear rendering the wallet cumbersome to use after a couple of years. Hanks wallets don't have any linings to wear out. There are also no bill dividers as again this is another failure point. Just the rugged Goatskin we make our wallets out of so ours will last decades and not just a few years.

    Hanks USA Made Goatskin Wallet
    Hanks Wallets Full Grain Goat Hide No Nylon Lining


    Avoid ID Windows

    For the longest life choose our wallets without ID windows. We do make some with ID windows due to repeated requests for this feature but the plastic portion is only guaranteed for 5 years. There just isn't a plastic window that won't crack eventually.

    No processed leather

    Imported wallets are generally made from processed leather scraps and marked Genuine Leather. It is actually ground up leather scraps mixed and poured into molds to make sheets of leather. The texture is then stamped on it. This type of leather just won't last as long as Full Grain leather hides.

    A Hanks Wallet is USA made from Rugged Full-Grain Goatskin. Ounce per ounce Goatskin is more rugged than cowhide so this allows for a thinner product with the same strength. Goatskin also withstands moisture much much better than cowhide and stays soft and supple if it gets wet. A wallet is handled a lot so Goatskin is superior to cowhide for this application.

    Real Goatskin Hides Ready to Be Made Into Wallets

    Never imported...always USA Made

    Lastly, you just can't beat USA Made. All Hanks Wallets and Belts are made right here in America. Handmade our wallets take time to build and of course is more money. Rest assured though, every time you pull your Hanks Wallet out of your pocket you will get to enjoy the sight and feel of true American craftsmanship that just gets harder and harder to find.

    Hanks Belts Wallets Hand Beveled Edges
    Hand Beveled Edges