Why Do Some Belts Crack At The Holes And Why A Hanks Belt Never Will.

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    We have all had one of those belts...probably many of those belts. The ones that after a few months of wear start to crack at the holes.

    Belt cracking at holesCracking caused by processed leather.

    Most department store belts will do this in time. This is because the leather they are made from, if it is leather at all, is generally a processed leather product made from scraps of leather. The same way particle board is made from wood scraps.

    The belts with a plastic back are even worse. Those could start cracking after a few wears.

    Hanks Belts will never have this issue. They are made from full grain hides and never processed leather. 

    Full grain hideA hide and belts made from it

    This results in solid rugged belts that last decades and not just months. See the thickness in the below photo? That belt will last!

    Solid leather belts

    So when shopping for a belt make sure it is a Full Grain leather belt. Belts marked Genuine Leather or Bonded leather just won't hold up. See the difference a real USA Made Full Grain leather belt makes!