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    Why does my leather belt squeak and how to stop it from squeaking.

    • 2 min read

    Occasionally, some customers notice squeaks and groans from their heavy duty leather belts. This is more heard of on the extra thick leather belts like our Steel Core belt which is a 20oz harness leather.

    There are a couple of things that cause this and it is normal and expected in the thick leather belts made from Full Grain Harness leather. Softer leather is less likely to do this but we don't use this weaker leather in heavy duty belts.

    The main areas that can squeak are:

    1. Where your gear meets the leather. Holster and mag cases rubbing against the leather can cause squeaks.

    2. Belt keeper area where the belt goes under the leather keeper.

    3. Where the buckle meets the leather.

    Sometimes it's just the belt breaking in and will appear to be internal. Again the harness leather we use in our heavy duty belts requires some break in...much like the old unwashed jeans.

    In time most of this goes away after several months of use. There are a couple of things you can do to reduce the squeaks.

    1. First trouble shoot the areas. Remove your gear and wear the belt. If the noise subsides there is your issue.

    2. Baby powder works great to alleviate the sounds. Sprinkle some around and under the belt keeper, under the buckle area, and under any gear you carry. This works the majority of the time and harms nothing plus you will smell fresh :) You can also buy unscented talcum powder.

    3. Apply a light belt dressing sparingly in the same areas above. Just use your fingers and don't use too much.

    In time the noise should go away as the belt breaks in and molds to the gear and your particular wearing style.

    So, much like a rugged 1-ton heavy-duty diesel pickup is going to make a little noise, a thick Full Grain Harness leather belt might groan a little.

    Don't just means you have one hell of a rugged belt!