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    How to Remove Chicago Screws and Change The Buckle

    • 2 min read

    If you have a favorite buckle you just love it's easy to switch it over to a Hanks Belt. All of our belts have removable buckles with the majority featuring Chicago Screws that hold the buckle on the belt.

    Removing Chicago Screws with Smooth PostChicago Screws Showing Post and Screw

    Smooth Post Chicago Screws

    To remove these, all you need is a screwdriver. You just loosen the screw from the post, remove the post from the leather being careful not to drop it, and then swap out the buckle. Then you merely re-install the post into the leather, place the screw into the post and snug up.

    If you are worried about them becoming loose just brush some clear nail polish on the threads before installing as this acts as a low-level loctite preventing the screws from working loose but not being so strong as to prevent them from being removed again.

    If the Screws Won't Come Loose

    Occasionally the screws will not come loose with the back side spinning. If this happens, use one of the below methods to loosen the screws easily.

    1. Rubber Glove
      Place a rubber glove on the hand you will use to remove the screw. Press your rubber covered finger on the backside of the screw firmly while turning the screw with the screwdriver. This almost always breaks the screw loose easily.

    2. Scotch Tape
      You can take a piece of scotch tape and place it across the width of the belt over the smooth screw post. Then while pushing on the backside of the screw (now covered with the tape) turn the screw with the screwdriver. The tape will hold the screw post allowing it to break loose.

    Now, in the rare event, you can't get the screws loose using one of the above methods merely contact us here, and we will help you right out.

    Removing Chicago Screws With A Slotted Post
    Slotted Post Chicago Screws

    Slotted Post Chicago Screws

    When the screws and post are both slotted two screwdrivers will quickly remove the screws. Just place one on each side to hold in place and loosen the screw.

    These screws rarely have issues coming loose but if any problems just contact us here and we will help you out.

    Remember to brush clear nail polish on the threads if you want them extra secure when reinstalling.


    That's it! Your all set and you can change the look of your Hanks Belt at any time by quickly swapping out the buckle!