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Reinforced Gun Belt

Sometimes you need more than good enough, and with Hanks Reinforced Belts you’ll get more strength, toughness and durability than anyone could possible need in a gun belt. These belts were designed as the ultimate CCW belts, able to carry any load without fear of sagging, stretching or rolling.

Made in the USA from incredibly thick premium full grain leather these belts are reinforced with extra rugged materials to provide the ultimate support. The Kydex stiffened belt has a Kydex core and is backed with high tensile strength nylon, this belt simply won’t sag. The tri-layer Steel Core Belt has two layers of USA Steerhide Harness Leather with a steel insert sandwiched in between. There is no tougher belt in the world today!

What are the chances you’ll need a belt that can withstand being run over by an SUV, probably pretty slim, but just in case we tested out the Steel Core Belt by parking a Jeep on it. It held up just fine. When you need the Sherman Tank of belts, Hanks Reinforced Belts are the only choice.
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