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    What is and Do I Really Need a Steel Core Gun Belt?

    • 2 min read

    Steel core gun belts are pretty awesome. One of the stiffest belts you can buy there really isn't anything that offers more support for heavy firearms. The question is do you really need a steel core gun belt? Let's start by explaining what goes into a steel core gun belt.

    A steel core gun belt is simply a piece of spring steel laminated between two layers of leather. This results in a super stiff belt on its vertical axis yet is able to be flexible enough on its horizontal access to wrap around your waist easily and comfortably. 

    Hanks Steel Core Belt Spring Steel Insert

    Spring steel core


    Spring steel is pretty tough stuff. If you have ever tried to cut it you will know what I mean. Yet it doesn't need to be thick for the strength. Only about .03" so it doesn't add too much weight. This makes it perfect to put in a belt.

    In Hanks Steel core belt we sandwich the steel core between two pieces of extra tough 10oz Harness leather.

    Hanks Steel Core Belt Cutaway

    What we end up with is the heaviest Gun Belt on the market coming in at 20oz with a steel reinforced core. This thing is a beast and there is no heavier belt on the market we are aware of at the time of this article publication.

    Now..Do you need a steel core gun belt?

    Carrying a loaded firearm on your person is a huge responsibility. You would never go wrong with a belt as sturdy as the steel core but at Hanks Belts, we don't want to just sell you a belt, we want to sell you the correct belt, and the truth of the matter is, most people do not need a belt this heavy. 

    So who does need one of these? Well, if you carry very heavy firearms or multiple firearms this belt is a must have. For example, below is shown a 50 caliber S&W. This is a gun someone may carry in the wilderness for protection and is very heavy.

    Heavy Firearm on Steel Core Belt


    Our steel core belt is perfect for this rig. 

    Also if someone were to carry extra mags or other equipment like flashlights etc on their belt you would love the steel core. You can carry 5lbs of gear and never know it is there easily.

    However, if you carry something like a Springfield XD on a clip then our Gunner Belt or our Extreme Belt would be all you ever need. They are sturdy, solid, one piece Full Grain leather belts that are built to last for decades.

    So to wrap it up, if you want to have a belt that will hold anything you would ever want to carry the Steel Core is an awesome choice and you would never regret purchasing it. If you are carrying lighter firearms though, and nothing extra on the belt, our non-reinforced belts would be all you ever need and save you some coin.

    Still wondering how sturdy this steel core belt is? Let's close out with a video showing just how rugged this animal is!