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Floral Replacement Chicago Screws 3/8" Size - 2 Pack


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Sold 2 Screws Per Pack

Chicago screws are the perfect solution for securing buckles to heavy duty belts.

Snaps can wear out and start to pop open if heavy items are carried on the belt.

Rivets work well but then you can't change out the buckle. Chicago screws eliminate
those issues.

Hanks sells 2 packs of Chicago screws. It never hurts to have some extras since
they can be dropped and lost easily when changing out the buckle.

These floral prints are popular on our women's CCW gun belts.

These are perfect replacements for our Hanks Amish CCW Belts.



Style Number CHSCFN




Nickel Plated Steel

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Floral Replacement Chicago Screws 3/8" Size - 2 Pack

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