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The Esquire 1 1/4" Wide Padded Leather Premium Dress Belt

A2425HAV 32


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This is the owner of Hanks Belts favorite belt! He tends to dress up a little and this belt fits a wide range of styles for him. From jeans to slacks and sports coats the Esquire belt is the choice for when you need a slightly more refined belt.

We start with the same English Bridle leather we use in our Canyon belt and kick it up a notch. The 1 1/4" width is perfect for a neater look and fits the belt loops of most any jean or pant.

We back the premium vegetable tanned English Bridle leather on this belt so the back looks as nice as the front. 

The raised portion of the belt is leather filled and creates a unique look and feel that makes wearing this belt a pleasure.

The Esquire is made the way a belt would have been made a hundred years ago.

Vegetable tanning contains no harsh chemicals like chromium tanned leather. Mimosa powder, which is derived from tree bark from Africa, gives the rich finish of the leather used on these belts. The devoted process takes six weeks from raw hide to finished leather ready to be cut and sewn into a Hanks Belt. The final step is a hand burnishing of every hide that is labor intensive but results in a finish like no other.

Vegetable tanned leather develops a patina that only gets better with age. The character develops with wear giving each belt its own individual characteristics.

Since this belt is so nice we use top quality hardware to finish it off. We use our more refined all stainless steel roller buckle for easy buckling and unbuckling. The superior quality stainless steel buckle costs six times more than a standard plated steel buckle, but this belt deserves more than that. Our Chicago screws hold it all together so you can easily swap buckles yet never have to worry about snaps which can become weakened and unreliable with age.

An awesome belt that fills a wide range of dress styles The Esquire is a belt you will reach for time and time again.

  • Made from vegetable tanned leather
  • Stainless steel low profile roller buckle
  • Chicago screw construction
  • Removable buckle
  • Hand burnished English bridle leather
  • Supports light CCW use
  • Single needle edge stitching
  • One piece solid full grain leather
  • ~12 oz. leather at ~.20" thick
  • 1 1/4" width fits virtually all belt loops
  • 100-year warranty

  • USA Made


    Style Number A2425


     1 1/4"


    ~.20" (excluding padding)

    Leather Weight

    ~12 oz.

    Leather Ply

    Solid 1 Piece Full Grain Leather

    Country Of Manufacture


    Leather Type

    Premium English Bridal Vegetable Tanned Leather


    Stainless Steel Roller Buckle

    Interchangeable Buckle

    Yes - Chicago Screw Construction

    Number Of Holes and Spacing

    6 Holes Spaced 1" on Center


    100 Years*


    Additional Sizing Help

    Belt Measurements

    For reference here are the measurement specifications if you wish to compare to a current belt you already own:

    IMPORTANT: Do not include buckle length in measurement. Measurements are from where the leather folds over the buckle.

    Belt Measurement Where to measure from

    Esquire Belt Has 6 Holes Spaced 1" On Center
    *All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of this belt. 

    BELT SIZE Measurement to 3rd Hole Measurement To End Of Belt
    32 32" 38"
    34 34" 40"
    36 36" 42"
    38 38" 44"
    40 40" 46"
    42 42" 48"
    44 44" 50"
    46 46" 52"
    48 48" 54"
    50 50" 56"
    52 52" 58"


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    Belt Sizing Instructions

    (Press ESC or 'X' on top right to close)


    If you are using your belt to carry a firearm
    EX: 36 PANTS...BUY 40 BELT

    For use without carrying items on the belt. 
    EX: 36 PANTS...BUY 38 BELT


    100% PERFECT FIT:


    This is super easy to do, only takes a few minutes, and virtually guarantees a perfect fit. Just follow the below instructions and make sure the belt you measure fits you well the way you will be using it with any gear attached.

    Lay out your belt on a smooth flat surface. It is probably slightly curved but don't worry about that. Just measure through the curve.

    Place a tape measure where the buckle meets the leather (do not include buckle length in measurement) and measure, in inches, to the hole you currently use to buckle your belt:

    Scroll down to the description on the page and click on the tab that says "Additional
    Sizing Help" (on mobile phones scroll down under the description, and you will see the


    Now scroll down to the belt sizing chart and match the measurement you got above with the number in the "Measurement to the 4th Hole" column in the chart.

    If you are between measurements, size up one unless you plan on losing weight in which case you should size down one.

    For example, if you measured 37" to the hole you currently use you should purchase a 38" belt size. If you measured 38" you should purchase a 40" belt size.

    Note that our belts are made by hand and variances in measurements can occur. Variances are slight, though, and will not affect the sizing.

    That's it! Select your size, double check it is correct on the add to cart button, and add to cart.

    And just to be safe, Hanks Belts offers free exchanges if needed, so you never have to worry about additional cost if you do order an incorrect size.

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    The Esquire 1 1/4" Wide Padded Leather Premium Dress Belt

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