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Old World Harness Leather Gun Belt - 16OZ - 1.5"

A2950OWL 32


Belt Size - Important - Waist size is not belt size. Click on Belt Size Calculator above to determine belt size to order.

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A gorgeous hand stitched concealed carry belt that really is a piece of art.  Hanks Old World Harness Belt is a true piece of American craftsmanship. USA Made from full grain Hermann Oak Old World Harness leather this belt is unsurpassed in feel and looks.

Available in either a classic raw edge without stitching for a genuine hand-cut appearance or a stunning double stitch with rich oak edge dye.

The double edge stitching is done by hand by the Master Amish Belt maker by making one pass, turning the belt and then stitching the second row. No double needle machine here. It takes skilled hands for that fine detail work and the result is simply stunning.

Stuffed in drums with heavy tallow this leather is weather resistant and soft yet durable, and develops a patina that can't be created any other way than simply by wearing. Each belt will develop its own look depending on your individual usage and soon will be like your favorite pair of broken in jeans.

We use the extra heavy 16 oz and over hides called tannery runs. Tannery runs allow all the scars and bug bites to show which gives this belt its rich full grain look. It also results in no two belts being alike as the color and markings will be different from hide to hide. If you want a belt that looks like everyone else's then this is not the belt for you. These are stunning, heavy belts just like your great grandfather would have worn.

These hides also vary in weight by as much as 3 oz from butt to shoulder so there will be some variances in thickness along the length of the belt. This is by design and gives these belts the handcrafted look they deserve. Rated at 16 oz these belts can have areas that go as high as 19 oz on them. A great look and feel and the way nature intended this leather to be.

This is a superb CCW belt and the thickness supports most firearms with ease and looks great. This belt works well for either IWB or OWB carry and will support your rig with confidence which is all part of responsible concealed carry.

You would spend all year looking in big box stores for a belt like this and never even come close. Stylish and pure quality, this is a belt that will truly be with you for years to come.

  • USA Made by Master Amish Craftsmen
  • USA Tanned by Hermann Oak Leather in business since 1881
  • Harness Leather Drum Stuffed with Tallow
  • Dark edge dye and Double row stitching for a classy look
  • No Two Belts Alike
  • 16 oz rating comes in at a minimum 1/4" thick. Hides do vary up to 3 oz from butt to shoulder so some variance in thickness along the length of the belt is normal and desirable
  • Tannery Run leather shows all the natural scars and bug bites that leaves no doubt this is Full Grain USA Harness Leather
  • Perfect CCW Belt for those that need a more refined look
  • Ages beautifully and develops its own unique look depending on your individual usage
  • 100 Year Warranty



Style Number A2950 - Stitched | A2900 - Plain


 1 1/2"


~.25" - .28"

Leather Weight


Leather Ply

Solid 1 Piece Full Grain Leather

Country Of Manufacture


Leather Type

Herman Oak Old World Harness Leather


Stainless Steel Roller Buckle

Interchangeable Buckle

Yes - Chicago Screw Construction

Number Of Holes and Spacing

6 Holes Spaced 1" on Center


100 Years*

Manufacturing Entity Amish Made


Additional Sizing Help

When sizing your Hanks Belt for Concealed Carry several factors will determine the size you need to purchase. Your Firearm, holster, if you carry IWB or OWB, and any accessories you carry on your belt will affect the size you need to order.

We have provided a belt size calculator below to assure you get the correct size. Simply select your waist size and how you will use your belt from the dropdown and we will show the belt size we recommend. Read the comments below the recommended size to see if you wish to adjust up or down based on your personal carry preferences.


Belt Measurements

For reference here are the measurement specifications if you wish to compare to a current belt you already own:

IMPORTANT: Do not include buckle length in measurement. Measurements are from where the leather folds over the buckle.

Belt Measurement Where to measure from

Old World Harness Belt Has 6 Holes Spaced 1" On Center
*All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of this belt.

BELT SIZE Measurement to 3rd Hole Measurement To End Of Belt
32 32" 38"
34 34" 40"
36 36" 42"
38 38" 44"
40 40" 46"
42 42" 48"
44 44" 50"
46 46" 52"
48 48" 54"
50 50" 56"
52 52" 58"


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Belt Sizing Instructions

(Press ESC or 'X' on top right to close)






This is super easy to do, only takes a few minutes, and virtually guarantees a perfect fit. Just follow the below instructions and make sure the belt you measure fits you well the way you will be using it with any gear attached.

Lay out your belt on a smooth flat surface. It is probably slightly curved but don't worry about that just measure through the curve.

Take your tape measure and measure from where the buckle meets the leather (do not include buckle length in measurement) to the hole you are currently wearing your belt in and make a note of how many inches to the hole:

Scroll down by the description on the page and click on the tab that says "Additional
Sizing Help" (on mobile phones scroll down under the description, and you will see the


Now scroll down to the belt sizing chart and look for the measurement you got above and match it up with the measurement to the 4th hole in the chart.

If you are between measurements, size up one unless you plan on losing weight in which case size down one.

So for example: If you measured 37" to the hole, you are currently using purchase a 38" belt. If you measured 38" then bump up to the 40 belt.

Note that our belts are made by hand and variances in measurements can occur. They are slight though and will not affect the sizing.

That's it! Select your size, double check it is correct on the add to cart button, and add to cart.

And just to be safe, Hanks Belts offers Free Exchanges if needed, so you never have to worry about additional cost if you do order an incorrect size!

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Old World Harness Leather Gun Belt - 16OZ - 1.5"

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