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Gunner Belt - #1 Selling CCW Belt 14OZ. - 1.5"

A2495BLK 32


Belt Size - Important - Waist size is not belt size. Click on Belt Size Calculator above to determine belt size to order.

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This is the Hanks Belt that started it all! Our best selling CCW Gun belt the Hanks Gunner Belt just keeps on performing.

Simple in design but gets the job done at a price that no one comes close to matching.

The Hanks Gunner Belt is the toughest conceal carry belt we've ever made at this price.

This CCW belt is 1 1/2" wide and made out of 14oz Solid Full Grain Steer hides. Made right here in the USA this belt will probably outlast you.

Our Hanks Amish belts have been featured in magazines and in numerous blogs. We're sure your new belt will be the talk among your friends once you try one.

When you want an extra heavy, ultra tough, USA made belt you just can't beat these.

Are you ready to see the difference a REAL belt can make? Start right here with Hanks CCW Gunner belt. Support and comfort you just can't get with a big box store belt.

Nothing fancy, just a great durable belt to get the job done, rated by our customers as the best CCW belt.

  •     1 1/2" width fits thru most all belt loops
  •     USA Amish Made -- as are all Hanks Belts
  •     Made from USA Vegetable Tanned leather...a more environmentally friendly tanning process
  •     Extra thick 100% Full Grain Leather last for years
  •     Buckle can be replaced with your own
  •     Screwed together -- with Chicago screws that are true quality
  •     Ships discreetly with no mention of CCW on package  
  •     100 Year Warranty

Many of our customers purchase this belt as a CCW Belt .... a tough rugged belt 
Customers call this the

    "Best Concealed Carrier they have ever purchased" 
    "Great for concealed carry! " 
    "An excellent all around work belt Thanks!! "

Rugged, tough, and long-lasting. This belt won't let you or
your pants down.


Style Number A2495


 1 1/2"


~.21" to .23"

Leather Weight


Leather Ply

Solid 1 Piece Full Grain Leather

Country Of Manufacture


Leather Type

Full-Grain Steer Hide


Heavy Duty Roller Buckle

Interchangeable Buckle

Yes - Chicago Screw Construction

Number Of Holes and Spacing

8 Holes Spaced 1" on Center


100 Years*

Manufacturing Entity Amish Made


Additional Sizing Help

When sizing your Hanks Belt for Concealed Carry several factors will determine the size you need to purchase. Your Firearm, holster, if you carry IWB or OWB, and any accessories you carry on your belt will affect the size you need to order.

We have provided a belt size calculator below to assure you get the correct size. Simply select your waist size and how you will use your belt from the dropdown and we will show the belt size we recommend. Read the comments below the recommended size to see if you wish to adjust up or down based on your personal carry preferences.



Belt Measurements

For reference here are the measurement specifications if you wish to compare to a current belt you already own:

IMPORTANT: Do not include buckle length in measurement. Measurements are from where the leather folds over the buckle.

Belt Measurement Where to measure from

Gunner Belt Has 8 Holes Spaced 1" On Center
*All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of this belt.

BELT SIZE Measurement to 4th Hole Measurement To End Of Belt
32 31" 38"
34 33" 40"
36 35" 42"
38 37" 44"
40 39" 46"
42 41" 48"
44 43" 50"
46 45" 52"
48 47" 54"
50 49" 56"
52 51" 58"
54 53" 60"
56 55" 62"
58 57" 64"
60 59" 66"
62 61" 68"
64 63" 70"
66 65" 72"
68 67" 74"
70 69" 76"
72 71" 78"
74 73" 80"
76 75" 82"
78 77" 84"
80 79" 86"

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Gunner Belt - #1 Selling CCW Belt 14OZ. - 1.5"

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